The Construction Marketing Awards Agency League looks at a rolling four-year window of results from the Construction Marketing Awards, awarding five points for a win, three for a high commendation, and one for a spot on a shortlist.

While it is a numerical evaluation of performance in the Awards, and as such provides a gauge of capability and quality, it should not be taken on its own as a recommendation. While some use it as a tool to populate a pitch list, clients should do their homework carefully before appointing an agency!

The top 20 up to and including the 2021 Awards

1 Ridgemount
2 Fabrick
3 Harris Creative
4 Think Tank
6 Refresh
8 Built For Marketing
9 Good Eggs
10 RBH
11 Unhooked
12 Insynth Marketing
13 Holistic
14 Wyatt International
15 Tangerine
16 Lesniak Swann
17 Electric House
18 Sagittarius
20 SLG Marketing

So Ridgemount’s three wins kept them at the top of the list for 2021. New in to the top 20 are Unhooked, Insynth Marketing, Wyatt International, Electric House, and SLG Marketing, who all packed a punch in 2021. The top 10 from 2021 are the top 10 from 2020 in a slightly different order, with Agency of the Year winner Fabrick the biggest climber of that group.

See their work in the online gallery of entries.