Tobermore’s newest block paver ‘Artro’ has won ‘Best Product Launch’ at the Construction Marketing Awards 2020

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The prestigious awards are renowned as a showcase of excellence in creative, innovative and effective construction marketing. Despite tough market conditions, the awards attracted a large number of entries from across the industry.  Now in their 20th year, the CMA Awards took on a different format with the winners announced via a virtual ceremony.

Following extensive market research, Tobermore positioned themselves to take advantage of market trends by developing ‘Artro’ – a linear paving product which is a concrete alternative to clay.

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Get even more from your content marketing

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As our webinar on June 8, 2021, discussed, content marketing is not always a well understood tool. But it’s so much more than posting a few blogs. And, as the BarbourABI team explained, you can use a few simple techniques to get a lot more from your efforts.

Kate Perrin told us about Gary Vee – entrepreneur Gary Vaynerchuk who created the “pillar content” model content strategy. She explained how she saw how it could work for B2B, took the parts applicable to the BarbourABI business model, and managed to get got better reach without scaling resources.

Simply put, you use a piece of “pillar content”, usually a long-form article of video, then create small pieces of “micro” content by using extracts. This gives you many more points of impact for the same content creatiion effort.

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Marketing, Sales, or Schmarketing?

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Our webinar hosted jointly with Insynth focussed on using data to guide your marketing strategy explored how construction companies can approach the collection, analysis and use of data in marketing.

We talked about how many construction companies struggle with outdated legacy systems storing incomplete or poor quality information. The separation between sales and marketing – both in data terms, and more spiritually – came in for some discussion. One speaker, Dan Tyre of Hubspot, said the winning approach was to do away with the difference – not sales, not marketing, but Schmarketing.

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Entries open for CMA21!

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Entries are open for the Construction Marketing Awards 2021!

The prestigious awards, now in their twenty first year, are highly competitive, and very highly regarded as a showcase of excellence in construction marketing and business development. The awards are an invaluable opportunity for recognition; a way to showcase creativity, innovation and effectiveness in your company’s marketing or business development strategy.

The CMAs raise the profile of marketing professionals and their achievements. Being shortlisted – becoming a finalist – is a clear indication of success. Winning or being Highly Commended is exceptional.

Have a look at our categories to see which you can enter – there are 29, so you should be able to see one that fits! This year we have split the popular Young Marketer of the Year category in to two – Young Marketer, for a clientside marketing person, and Emerging Agency Star, for those employed by communications agencies.

Entries are open from now until September 17, and the winners will be announced on December 2, 2021.

Built for Marketing Celebrate Their Strategic Planning and Management Recognition

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Jules Quested-Williams of Built for Marketing talks us through their project which won the Strategic Planning and Management category at CMA20.

In all that Built for Marketing (BFM) are and do, strategy is at the heart. Incredibly proud, BFM celebrates their second win in the CMA category ‘Strategic Planning and Management’, this time in recognition of our work for long-standing BFM client Komfort Partitioning.

BFM has developed, driven and delivered Komfort’s marketing strategy for the fourth year running, demonstrating measurable and impressive growth. Aligning to Komfort’s core business model and sales function, the 2020 marketing strategy was targeted specifically at engaging and penetrating the specification market’s younger generation.

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Using Data To Guide Your Winning Construction Marketing Strategy

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Make better business decisions fuelled by the RIGHT data.

Join our expert panel to discover how the right data can guide your sales and marketing strategies to increase revenue and get you ahead of the competition.

Identifying, collecting and analysing the right data to inform and guide your decision making can be difficult.

Fragmented systems, inconsistent record keeping and selecting the wrong types of information can hamper your efforts, or point you in the wrong direction, not to mention the inability to identify that elusive ROI figure.

Join the panel to gain an insight into what sort of data to use, how to use it, and how to organise the collection and storage of data using latest technology.

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NBS to hold second Construction Leaders Summit

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NBS are to hold a second Construction Leaders Summit on Wednesday 21 & Thursday 22 April 2021.

Construction Leaders’ Summit: Building for the Future will aim to bring together leading figures from government and the construction industry to share insights and discuss digital transformation, regulatory changes, the economic landscape, and how we build a more sustainable future.

The two-day online event is for anyone involved in the design, supply and construction of the built environment, looking to learn about and discuss the future of construction and the changes that lie ahead. It features speakers such as Anne-Marie Trevelyan MP, the UK Construction Minister, and Simon Rawlinson of the Construction Leadership Council.

The event is free to attend. Register here.


All the Tools in the Toolbox

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A CMA webinar hosted jointly with The Think Tank

Held 11am, March 3, 2020. Panel member details at end.

The panel began by considering what are the things that are driving marketing in the construction sector. Key issues were the COVID pandemic, Brexit, and the impact of the Grenfell inquiry.

Unsurprisingly Will Johnson-Marshall picked out product marketing – in particular traceability, tracking which product eventually gets installed – as a key issue. Knowing what is in a building, who specified it, and why, is likely to be important for some time. This was likely to be important in decommissioning or demolition too, so it would be important that this information could be kept.

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CMA Client League updated for 2020

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We started producing a Client League in 2019. It’s intended to give you an indication of those companies in the sector who take marketing very seriously. The league seeks to rank construction companies for the consistency of their marketing performance.

It allocates points for performance across a four year rolling window, meaning those at the top will have been producing work deemed excellent by the CMA judges for a period of years.

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