Entries open for CMA21!

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Entries are open for the Construction Marketing Awards 2021!

The prestigious awards, now in their twenty first year, are highly competitive, and very highly regarded as a showcase of excellence in construction marketing and business development. The awards are an invaluable opportunity for recognition; a way to showcase creativity, innovation and effectiveness in your company’s marketing or business development strategy.

The CMAs raise the profile of marketing professionals and their achievements. Being shortlisted – becoming a finalist – is a clear indication of success. Winning or being Highly Commended is exceptional.

Have a look at our categories to see which you can enter – there are 29, so you should be able to see one that fits! This year we have split the popular Young Marketer of the Year category in to two – Young Marketer, for a clientside marketing person, and Emerging Agency Star, for those employed by communications agencies.

Entries are open from now until September 17, and the winners will be announced on December 2, 2021.

Built for Marketing Celebrate Their Strategic Planning and Management Recognition

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Jules Quested-Williams of Built for Marketing talks us through their project which won the Strategic Planning and Management category at CMA20.

In all that Built for Marketing (BFM) are and do, strategy is at the heart. Incredibly proud, BFM celebrates their second win in the CMA category ‘Strategic Planning and Management’, this time in recognition of our work for long-standing BFM client Komfort Partitioning.

BFM has developed, driven and delivered Komfort’s marketing strategy for the fourth year running, demonstrating measurable and impressive growth. Aligning to Komfort’s core business model and sales function, the 2020 marketing strategy was targeted specifically at engaging and penetrating the specification market’s younger generation.

As part of the wider 2020 marketing strategy, BFM introduced a multi-channel and campaign-driven focus to gain maximum brand awareness and lead generation. Using market knowledge and understanding, BFM introduced the innovative ‘Koncept Range’ to Komfort’s core offering.

The Koncept range is an abstract offering that inspires architects with different designs, textures and materials which can be incorporated into partitioning systems. Mesh panels and LED lighting are two of the ‘Koncepts’ found within this range that elevates glazed partitioning from a functional system, into a design feature that inspires creativity and adds excitement.

Architects value something new and unusual above all else. In order for Komfort to be noticed amongst their competition, they required an offering that would cut through the noise. The Koncept range did just that, acting as the launchpad to spark design conversations with Komfort’s specification team at the very beginning of their projects.

BFM meticulously planned, executed and launched the Koncept range successfully to the younger specification market, alongside managing the overall marketing strategy. Komfort’s partitioning systems are now associated with creativity and design freedom to elevate and complement any space.

Using Data To Guide Your Winning Construction Marketing Strategy

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Make better business decisions fuelled by the RIGHT data.

Join our expert panel to discover how the right data can guide your sales and marketing strategies to increase revenue and get you ahead of the competition.

Identifying, collecting and analysing the right data to inform and guide your decision making can be difficult.

Fragmented systems, inconsistent record keeping and selecting the wrong types of information can hamper your efforts, or point you in the wrong direction, not to mention the inability to identify that elusive ROI figure.

Join the panel to gain an insight into what sort of data to use, how to use it, and how to organise the collection and storage of data using latest technology.

Among other things, you’ll learn how Sound Zero used data to form a winning marketing strategy and then pivot during the first lockdown when COVID-19 undermined their plans.

With experts from HubSpot, Barbour ABI and Insynth, this webinar will discuss how to build a joined up approach to data guided decision making to help you develop a winning sales and marketing strategy.

Date: April 29, 2021

Time: 11am – 12 midday


  • Gavin Brightman, Director, Sound Zero
  • Kate Perrin, Marketing Director, Barbour ABI
  • Leigh Simpson, CEO, Insynth Marketing
  • Dan Tyre, Director, HubSpot

Hosted jointly with:

NBS to hold second Construction Leaders Summit

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NBS are to hold a second Construction Leaders Summit on Wednesday 21 & Thursday 22 April 2021.

Construction Leaders’ Summit: Building for the Future will aim to bring together leading figures from government and the construction industry to share insights and discuss digital transformation, regulatory changes, the economic landscape, and how we build a more sustainable future.

The two-day online event is for anyone involved in the design, supply and construction of the built environment, looking to learn about and discuss the future of construction and the changes that lie ahead. It features speakers such as Anne-Marie Trevelyan MP, the UK Construction Minister, and Simon Rawlinson of the Construction Leadership Council.

The event is free to attend. Register here.


All the Tools in the Toolbox

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A CMA webinar hosted jointly with The Think Tank

Held 11am, March 3, 2020. Panel member details at end.

The panel began by considering what are the things that are driving marketing in the construction sector. Key issues were the COVID pandemic, Brexit, and the impact of the Grenfell inquiry.

Unsurprisingly Will Johnson-Marshall picked out product marketing – in particular traceability, tracking which product eventually gets installed – as a key issue. Knowing what is in a building, who specified it, and why, is likely to be important for some time. This was likely to be important in decommissioning or demolition too, so it would be important that this information could be kept.

Marketing ethics came up naturally from this strand of discussion. With the Grenfell Inquiry ongoing, it’s clear action is needed, and that construction product marketers need to be aware. The CPA have set up a marketing integrity group, and that has led to a draft Code for Construction Product Information which sets out a series of practices and is out to consultation.

As Will Johnson-Marshall  said we need product information and marketing to be clear, accurate, up to date, and unambiguous. This is a key issue for product marketers now, and will be for a while.

Chris Ashworth said that process matters, that people need to record where and when information is posted, so it can be updated. You don’t want people referring to a four year old CPD webinar as current if it isn’t, after all. Phil Wise agreed, saying version control is extremely important. A good way to give it the emphasis it needs is to have someone senior sponsoring it.

The panel felt that SMEs might struggle digitising product information, but that there was support for them from an array of digital tools, and from trade associations. And as Jo Wilmot said, you don’t always need a huge budget to move to digital formats.

This brought us to another key issue – digitisation. The pandemic, with much increased working from home among other effects, has meant, as Izy Herrera said,  that  there has been a significant acceleration in the digitisation of marketing.

Izy said that last year NBS had to throw their marketing plan out of the window and start afresh. In particular they had done a large number of webinars which had been very effective. She felt that zoom fatigue was not yet a factor, and expected to keep running webinars, indeed they are now looking at adding podcasts.

She said the most important thing in channel choice was to look at your target audience, and see how they are behaving.

Phil Wise agreed that digitisation had accelerated, and that it was now a huge factor for marketers. He identified a particular challenge around integrating product sampling with digital.

Phil observed that traditional channels were not working as well right now, for example with trade magazines usually delivered to office addresses, and major events cancelled. He said we need to be more agile. This will continue, he felt, and would mean a positive impact on digital channels. Radio, for example, could pick up as a marketing channel. However, he also cautioned that marketers should remember to “switch the traditional back on” when the impact of the pandemic lessens.

The panel urged marketers not to bow to the pressure for immediate results and to keep some effort focussed on brand building. Those that invest in brand when times are tough should reap the rewards in increased share when the recovery comes.

Jo Wilmot also reminded people of a key marketing principle, that at a time like this it’s easy to get swallowed up by tactics, we should remember to have a message. You need to have something to say – right people, right time, right message.

So it’s clear that there are many effects on marketing activity right now, but we should remember our core principles, which work at any time.


  • Chris Ashworth, Competitive Advantage and CMA


  • Ben Hancock, Managing Director, Oscar Acoustics
  • Izy Herrera, Marketing Manager, NBS
  • Will Johnson-Marshall, Head of Operational Delivery, BSI Identify
  • Jo Wilmot, PR Director, The Think Tank
  • Phil Wise, formerly European Marketing Director, Formica Group

CMA Client League updated for 2020

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We started producing a Client League in 2019. It’s intended to give you an indication of those companies in the sector who take marketing very seriously. The league seeks to rank construction companies for the consistency of their marketing performance.

It allocates points for performance across a four year rolling window, meaning those at the top will have been producing work deemed excellent by the CMA judges for a period of years.

For 2020, Jewson remain top, with Certsure second, owing to their consistent performances. A Proctor Group – a winner in 2020, climb to third. There are a number of new entrants to the top 20 – Bradfords Building Supplies, BMBI, Milwaukee, NBS, Jacksons Fencing, Brett Landscaping, and nmcn have all pushed in to the top echelons.

1 Jewson
2 Certsure
3 A Proctor Group
4 Bradfords Building Supplies
5 The Builders Merchant Building Index (a BMF brand)
6 Milwaukee
7 Reynaers Ltd
8 Parkeray
10 Senior Architectural Systems
11 Jacksons Fencing
12 Clear Architects
13 MyEdge2
14 Tarmac Cement
15 Brett Landscaping
16 Gibbs & Dandy
17 Knauf
18 nmcn
19 Premier Guarantee
20 SAS International

Agency League updated with 2020 results

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In 2020, there is a new look, with Ridgemount PR’s stellar performance propelling them to the top. The Think Tank and Fabrick both move in to the top 5, while Good Eggs, Sagittarius, OneAgency.co (this year’s biggest climber), and Clear B2B all entered the top 20 for the first time.

See their work in the online gallery of entries.

The top 20 up to and including the 2020 Awards

1 Ridgemount
3 Harris Associates
4 Think Tank
5 Fabrick
6 Refresh PR
8 Built For Marketing
10 Good Eggs
11 Holistic
12 Luminescence
13 Tangerine
14 Lesniak Swann
15 Sagittarius
16 oneagency.co
17 ifour
18 threepipe
19 Mobas
20 Clear B2B

The Construction Marketing Awards Agency League is compiled by taking the last four years of results from the Construction Marketing Awards, and awarding five points for a win, three for a high commendation, and one for a spot on a shortlist.

While it is a numerical evaluation of performance in the Awards, and as such provides a gauge of capability and quality, it should not be taken on its own as a recommendation. While some use it as a tool to populate a pitch list, clients should do their homework carefully before appointing an agency!

Key dates for CMA21

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The key dates for the Construction Marketing Awards 2021 are:

  • Entries open – Monday April 12
  • Entries close – Friday September 17
  • Presentation – Thursday December 2

Work submitted should have been under way between June 1 2020 and August 31 2021, except for the Best Branding & Positioning category, for which the entry period is June 1 2019 and August 31 2021.

If you want to receive reminders about these dates, please sign up for our newsletter!

Winners Announced for 2020 Construction Marketing Awards!

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The winners of the Construction Marketing Awards 2020 have been announced!

In an online ceremony, the 2020 winners of our 28 categories were revealed. Milwaukee and Bradfords Building supplies both won three awards. Milwaukee’s unapologetically complex digital campaign, and Bradfords’ classy multi-media campaign both really impressed several different panels of judges – always a mark of real quality.

Ridgemount won both PR Agency of the Year, and Agency of the Year – something not done before – as testament to a remarkable year. They were a part of seven winning entries this year.

Komfort Partitioning with Built for Marketing took home the key Strategic Planning and Management gong, while NBS won Marketing Team of the Year.

A. Proctor Group won Best Content Marketing, and were Highly Commended for Marketing Team of the Year, but will surely be happiest with their triumph in the social media competition on the evening with their homage to their Communications Director Angela. (pictured left)

“It’s been an incredible year, in all senses of that word,” says Ross Sturley, of the Construction Marketing Awards. “Construction marketers have continued to produce excellent work, as this showcase demonstrates. The industry is well-positioned as a result to play a leading role in our economic recovery.”

If you missed the presentation, you can watch it on-demand.

The Construction Marketing Awards is very grateful to its overall sponsor, Barbour ABI, category sponsors Architecture Today, NBS and RIBA Journal, premier supporter The Think Tank, and supporters Built for Marketing, Fabrick, Harris, Housebuilder, MRA Marketing, as well as the many industry bodies who back these awards, and of course, the judges. Without their support this year the awards would have been impossible.

See the full results of the awards.