How the CMAs were won: Best Marketing Campaign over £25,000

By January 30, 2012Uncategorised

The Construction Marketing Awards, presented  on 29th November 2011, gave the construction industry the opportunity to recognise its very best marketing campaigns. Winners are invited to contribute a summary of their entry to this blog:  today it is Alumet Group for the successful launch of their EOS Energy brand of solar panels

The Warwickshire based construction company, Alumet undertook a huge challenge to diversify into the renewables market in 2010 with a £200k campaign to launch EOS Energy, a brand offering solar panel solutions to both the commercial and domestic markets.

The product launch was managed by Alumet’s internal marketing team and incorporated trade shows, literature, advertising, community engagement, networking and much more.

Their creative brand awareness included innovative techniques such as an Open Day event and EOS Energy Pocket Guide. Their Open Day saw the number of over 500 attendees offering a key audience to promote the brand to a large audience. Journalists also attended, helping to promote the brand even further. As a result of this technique, they received over 100 bookings for people to have their houses surveyed for PV from this day alone.

Their EOS Energy’s Pocket Guide offers detailed information to potential customers about Solar Energy. The 20 page booklet explains everything you need to know about PV and what services EOS Energy can provide. The pocket guide was successful due to its pocket sized design which made it very attractive to people at trade shows who don’t want to carry large literature around.

The judges commented “Alumet have demonstrated a strategic marketing campaign that has been professionally implemented throughout the whole business and achieved significant results. The company utilised innovative techniques to ensure a cost effective campaign which has successfully placed the business high up in the renewable energy market.”

The success of EOS Energy’s brand campaign has allowed The Alumet Group to achieve significant growth and provide employment for an additional 25 members of staff.

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