Does your CMA entry include everything the judges are looking for?

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Now is the time to ensure you have included everything in your entry that the judges are looking for!!


A check list for your CMA entry

Remember to be efficient in your use of words and space, communicate your information quickly and efficiently. Take the time to point out the innovation in your work, show how the design has been tailored to the audience. Include supporting material that illustrate your entry. And most importantly demonstrate that the objectives were measurably achieved (or exceeded) and that the campaign tangibly succeeded.

Before you hit submit on your CMA entry, make sure you have:

Part of making your entry clear is in the presentation style. Be arresting in your approach and use of colour, graphics and materials, but please do make the thing you’re drawing attention to easy to understand, and easy to praise.

It is important you have read and understood the judging criteria

Read the criteria for the particular category you are entering (recognising that different categories most probably have different criteria). Make sure you give direct, easy to find and clear to understand ratings for your entry against all the category entry criteria.

Finally check you have met the terms and conditions of entry

Putting together a good award entry takes time and effort. Treat your entry like any other marketing campaign – you need to get the judges attention, attract their interest, make them want to read your material, and make your material make them want to give you an award.

Once you have checked, re-checked and checked again you can then hit the submit button. Good luck!


Click here to print a PDF Checklist


Entries for the Construction Marketing Awards 2019 close Friday 20th September.


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