Built for Marketing Celebrate Their Strategic Planning and Management Recognition

By April 9, 2021Uncategorized

Jules Quested-Williams of Built for Marketing talks us through their project which won the Strategic Planning and Management category at CMA20.

In all that Built for Marketing (BFM) are and do, strategy is at the heart. Incredibly proud, BFM celebrates their second win in the CMA category ‘Strategic Planning and Management’, this time in recognition of our work for long-standing BFM client Komfort Partitioning.

BFM has developed, driven and delivered Komfort’s marketing strategy for the fourth year running, demonstrating measurable and impressive growth. Aligning to Komfort’s core business model and sales function, the 2020 marketing strategy was targeted specifically at engaging and penetrating the specification market’s younger generation.

As part of the wider 2020 marketing strategy, BFM introduced a multi-channel and campaign-driven focus to gain maximum brand awareness and lead generation. Using market knowledge and understanding, BFM introduced the innovative ‘Koncept Range’ to Komfort’s core offering.

The Koncept range is an abstract offering that inspires architects with different designs, textures and materials which can be incorporated into partitioning systems. Mesh panels and LED lighting are two of the ‘Koncepts’ found within this range that elevates glazed partitioning from a functional system, into a design feature that inspires creativity and adds excitement.

Architects value something new and unusual above all else. In order for Komfort to be noticed amongst their competition, they required an offering that would cut through the noise. The Koncept range did just that, acting as the launchpad to spark design conversations with Komfort’s specification team at the very beginning of their projects.

BFM meticulously planned, executed and launched the Koncept range successfully to the younger specification market, alongside managing the overall marketing strategy. Komfort’s partitioning systems are now associated with creativity and design freedom to elevate and complement any space.