This should be a campaign or activity which depended predominantly on PR activity in print, online, social or broadcast media.

Previous winners have demonstrated clear objective setting, coherence or integration with other  marketing activity, and robust measurement against performance indicators strongly linked to company success. This has not always been expressed in profit terms, but has also included various measure of perception or awareness.

PR, or Public Relations, is the function or activity that aims to establish and protect the reputation of a company or brand, and to create mutual understanding between the organisation and the segments of the public with whom it needs to communicate. It is all about the way organisations communicate with their publics, promote themselves, and build a positive reputation and public image.

As with other communication categories, entrants should demonstrate effectiveness against the following criteria:

  • There are clear objectives for the communication and these are linked
    to the company’s overall marketing objectives.
  • The audience is well defined and researched.
  • The communication is innovative and creatively designed for that target audience.
  • That the communication was cost effective in relation to the level of success, with a clear demonstration of ROI.
  • And most importantly that the objectives were measurably achieved (or exceeded) and that the campaign can be shown to have succeeded.

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