Agency League 2019 published

By January 2, 2020Uncategorized

The CMA Agency League has been updated to include the results of the Construction Marketing Awards 2019.

Harris, Refresh PR, Think Tank, and Fabrick are all climbers, but Lesniak Swann managed the biggest positional change, jumping 28 places to 14th and becoming the highest top 20 new entry.

The full top 20:

1 MRA Marketing
2 Harris Associates
4 Refresh PR
5 Ridgemount
6 Think Tank
7 Fabrick
9 Holistic
10 gyro Manchester
11 Built For Marketing
12 Tangerine
13 Luminescence
14 Lesniak Swann
15 Wyatt International
16 ifour
17 threepipe
18 Mobas
19 Realia
20 McCann manchester

The CMA Agency League is compiled by allocating points for performance over a four-year rolling window, and thus reflects those who consistently deliver work that the CMA judges see as excellent.